Economy Creates 222,000 New Jobs in the USA

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In June 2017, 222,000 U.S. jobs were added to the economy and the jobless rate was down to only 4.4%, which is a 16-year low. One resident from NYC reported, “Demand is the highest I can remember.”

In addition, pay has increased for many employees, due in part to the shortage of qualified workers (i.e., supply and demand).

One job that is especially busy is that of recruiters. USAFIS is an immigration firm that focuses on foreign nationals who want to move to the United States to live and work.

sunset-2103130_640One U.S. recruiter is Chris Nace, and he’s been working in that industry for the past decade. Previously, he would search for businesses to work with him, but that has all changed.

Today, companies are emailing him nearly every day to find employees in the NYC technology sector. Nace said that the current demand is the highest it’s ever been, with businesses offering to pay $25,000 and more for people who have just graduated from college or high school.

He said that it’s been very unusual, but a great boom for his business. USAFIS works with foreign nationals, and they can work with you to see if you are eligible for a U.S. Green Card.

“Headhunters” can receive large retainers for high-end positions, and the record number of jobs that are opening across all industries has made recruiting a profitable niche.

In fact, employers are so desperate that they are signing people on with large bonuses, ignoring imperfect resumes, and seeking the help of professional recruiters.

From almost every type of industry — trucking to construction to software engineering — employers are desperate for good workers. USAFIS helps people from every country with their application and visa process to get moved to the United States.

Contact them today for information on getting started with a new life in America!

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