87,610 Winners Selected for the DV-2019 Green Card Lottery

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The Kentucky Consular Center has registered and alerted the 87,610 winners of the DV-2019 Green Card Lottery. They are now eligible to make an application for an immigrant visa. The lucky winners and their family will benefit from the high standard of living found in America. The nation is always welcoming to motivated and skilled foreign nationals. By receiving a Green Card, you are afforded the right to study, work, and live permanently in the U.S. You will also have the opportunity to become an America citizen. The team at USAFIS is ready to assist you with the Green Card Lottery process.

Every year, the DV Program opens 50,000 spots for immigrant visas among 100,000 winners picked for the opportunity to live in America. Immigration is woven throughout the history of the United States. America has opened its doors to welcome immigrants from all over the world and they in turn have helped build the nation they now call home. Jessica Wes, USAFIS Marketing Director, said, “This country was, and continues to be a kaleidoscope of ethnic and cultural groups.” For additional information about the U.S. immigration programs, contact USAFIS. Click here for more information.

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