Popular Questions about USAFIS Professionalism

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What is our company about?

The company was created to help foreign nationals to apply for the Green Card Lottery. USAFIS promotes user-friendly secure technology and special teams in order to help people immigrate to the U.S, as well as making sure that every entry meets the standards for the Diversity Visa Program.

What does the company do?

USAFIS guarantees  100% participation in the Green Card Lottery. The company has more than 15 years of experience of submitting applications  for the Green Card Lottery program.

The company has a user-friendly form and the costumer service is done in several languages, in order to upload their photos and applications before the official registration period. USAFIS also guides it’s costumers on how to fill the application and answer any question a costumer has.photo

The company then reviews the photos and information their customers have provided to make sure it meets the US Government standards for the Diversity Visa Lottery program.  We have an automated system that notifies costumers if they forgot to fill information or upload photos. If the photos do not qualify, our photo experts will guide the costumers how to improve them.

After we made sure that the client’s Lottery application meets the American Government standards, USAFIS sends the application to the US State Department when the annual registration period arrives.

We also provide multiple-year submissions for our clients and allow an easy application update if necessary.  When it is time for the final step of the process, the company offers E-Books that deal with immigration and include useful information about the Diversity Visa program, as well as language-learning software to help customers with their English and other spoken languages in the USA.

Why can’t I do it alone?

A serious amount of people get automatically disqualified because they don’t meet the US guidelines. The service created by USAFIS ensures that every qualified costumer gets past the application phase.

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