FAQ about the Green Card Lottery Requierements

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Who can participate?

Only people that are native of a qualifying Green Card Lottery country can Participate. Besides that, one has to have a two years work experience or an high school education. 

How do I know if my country is a Green Card Lottery eligible one?

Generally, if your country sends less than 50,000 immigrants in 5 years, it means it is eligible.flag-731350_1280

What happens if I am not a native of a Green Card Lottery qualifying country?

If your parents are native of an eligible country but do not live there right now, you can apply with your parent’s native country. You also need to have two years of work experience or a high school education.

What are the educational requirements of the Green Card Lottery?

USAFIS experts answer: A full high school education or two years of work experience are required.

What kind of work experience is required for the Green Card Lottery? 

the occupation must be classified as Job Zone 4 or 5 and have an SVP rating of 7.0 or higher by U.S. Department of Labor. Information about knowledge and skills, job duties, education and training, and other occupational information at is available at The U.S. Department of Labor web site.

What is the youngest age at which you can participate the Green Card Lottery?

The lottery is meant for people with two years of work experience within a 5 year period, or a high school education. Contact USAFIS for more information.

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