The Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

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In 2015, 729,995 people became naturalized citizens of the United States. The average is over 500,000 people each year who become citizens of the United States. This includes many rights and privileges, such as the privilege to vote in all U.S. elections.

USAFIS, an immigration service, has helped many people with their U.S. Green Card Lottery application process.

The basic requirements for becoming a citizen of the United States include the following:

    • At least 18 years of age.
    • A permanent resident of the U.S. for at least five years (there are some exceptions).
    • A good moral character with no reports of causing trouble.
    • A basic understanding of U.S. government and history.
    • The ability to read, write and speak basic English (there are some exceptions.)

If you seek U.S. citizenship, you must pass a civics exam and take the Oath of Allegiance to finalize the naturalization process.

You will then have the full protection of the United States Constitution as a U.S. citizen, as well as these privileges. You will:

    • Be able to receive a U.S. passport.
    • Be allowed to travel outside the U.S. for long periods of time.
    • Be permitted to petition for your family members to move to the U.S.
    • Become eligible to apply for government jobs.
    • Be permitted to gain citizenship for your children who were born overseas.
    • Be permitted to run for elected offices.
    • Be permitted to serve on a federal jury.
    • Keep residency.
    • Be eligible to apply for grants and scholarships from the government.

Let USAFIS help you begin the Green Card Lottery application process, so you can get moved to America to live and work.

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