USAFIS Client Got the Desired Call 9 Years After Entering the Lottery

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The USAFIS Organization is a leader in American Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery Program applications.

They help their clients, all around the world, prepare and submit applications for the Green Card Lottery to the U.S. Government. They guarantee 100% participation in the Lottery.

In this Skype call made between a USAFIS representative and one of their winning clients, you hear about this man’s 9-year journey toward obtaining an American Green Card. In the video, he discusses the difficulty of finding a legitimate service and how challenging it can be to apply.

USAFIS registered him in the Lottery every year since he graduated from high school. He was eating sushi when USAFIS called him and told him he had won the Green Card Lottery, and at first he didn’t believe them.

Watch the video now:

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