Man from Pakistan Excited to Join his Family in America

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December 2017 will be a day that Walid Nidal will always remember, as it is when he became an USA citizen. Taking his oath of citizenship with 96 others made the day especially meaningful for him. While his family was not able to be there to support him due to work, he felt like he was surrounded and celebrated by his American family, many of whom may have been supported by USAFIS.

More than 98 thousand people took an oath of citizenship in USA from the beginning of January to end of October last year, and almost three thousand are now living in New York. USAFIS help people from all around the globe move to America. Most of them are from coutries such as Philippines, China, and Serbia.

Nidal moved to America from Pakistan after feeling persecuted due to his religion. He was warmly greeted by the citizens living in New York, one of whom was his uncle. Nidal believes in America and the world working together to be at peace, and wants to live in a country that embraces all kinds of people. Companies like USAFIS are a great way for people who want to move to America get the support they need to make this huge change in their life.

While he is excited to start a new life in New York, Walid believes that he can do more than just simply sing its praises and bring the rest of his family with him. Part of his family – his parents and his sister – now live in New York with him. Nidal works hard and during his free time volunteering in the community alongside his new friends. On weekends and evenings during the week he is involved in the community, raising food for the poor and hungry, helping at the nearby university, and he is part of various other campaigns.

He loves the way America embraces diversity and multiculturalism. He believes that he can still live out the values of his culture while in New York without suffering from persecution like he experienced in Pakistan.

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