USAFIS presents Green Card Lottery winners

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USAFIS organization helps immigrants around the world to join USA Green Card Lottery. Here are few video testimonials from some of our satisfied customers who won the lottery and are now American citizens.

Leaving details was the first step

Olga Krivosheeva heard about USAFIS for the first time via the internet. She sent her details on the website, and USAFIS helped her to join the Green Card Lottery. Today she is a proud USA citizen.

Fulfilled his dream since high school

Michelle Coggiota registered for the Green Card Lottery right after he finished high school and waited for seven years. At first, his lawyer told him he has no chance to get a visa. Eventually, he won the lottery.

Coggiota told in his testimonial that one of the difficulties he encountered during the journey for an American visa was to figure out which organizations are legit and which are scams. He was delighted to discover USAFIS is the real deal.

Do you require help to apply for a visa? Contact USAFIS today so we can aid you in the process.

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