Why USAFIS Is Not a Scam?

When applying for US immigration through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, it is important to do everything correctly and one thing you definitely want to avoid is a scam. USAFIS helps around 250,000 people per year to prepare and submit their applications to the Green Card Lottery.


Here are several reasons why you can be assured that USAFIS is not fake:

For over 15 years, hundreds of thousands of people have had their applications and photos properly prepared and submitted to the Green Card Lottery by USAFIS. Scam companies don’t have that kind of longevity.

When you trust USAFIS with your Green Card Lottery application, you can count on their experts to make sure that your application and photos are submitted to the DV-Lottery according to the strict governmental regulations.

Unlike a fake companies, USAFIS provides each client with an official Confirmation Number received from the US State Department after successful DV-Lottery submission.

There is 100% guaranteed participation in the DV-Lottery for clients of USAFIS; scam clients do not know if they will actually take part in the DV-Lottery. Since it was founded in 2001, over 40,000 people have been selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery with the help of USAFIS. Scam companies are unlikely to have any winners.


Furthermore, people who trust USAFIS during the DV-Lottery procedure receive updates about their applications or photos and any changes in the official regulations. If selected as DV-Lottery winners, they are promptly contacted by USAFIS.

Scam companies only “take the money and run.” If you need help or have questions about your Green Card Lottery application, there are several convenient ways to receive assistance in multiple languages from the Customer Service Department at USAFIS. Scam companies don’t provide customer service.

In contrast to a scam, USAFIS clients enjoy several secure payment options (e.g., American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and receive a purchase receipt. Credit card companies are unlikely to have contracts with a scam.

USAFIS collaborates with experienced US immigration lawyers to guide DV-Lottery winners through the Consular Interview process and many USAFIS clients now live in America as US permanent residents or citizens.

USAFIS Is Not a Scam

You can even watch videos or read testimonials from satisfied clients who were selected as DV-Lottery winners and recommend that you trust USAFIS. In short, USAFIS is legit, trusted company that can help you throughout the US immigration process.

Watch several USAFIS’ clients testimonials: